Advanced Polymer catalyst and energy application.

This session content polymer energy application. Global demand for low cost, efficient and sustainable energy production is ever increasing. Driven by recent discoveries and innovation in the science and technology of materials, applications based on functional materials are becoming increasingly important. Functional materials for sustainable energy applications provide an essential guide to the development and application of these materials in sustainable energy production.

This session represent the implementation of a solid-state polymerization, Polymer-supported multivalent organcatalysts, Capillary micro flow reactors, Water based blend nanoparticles, Polymer-protected Nano sized catalysts, Catalysis by polymer-metal complexes, Catalyzed polymers applications on energy storage, Catalysis by linear polymers in solutions.

The Global Polymerization Catalysts Market is Expected to Value USD 4,008.99 Million In 2016, And Is Likely To Reach USD 5,242.08 Million By 2021, growing at an estimated CAGR of 5.51%, during the forecast period, 2016-2021.

  • Capillary micro flow reactors
  • Water based blend nanoparticles
  • Polymer-supported multivalent organocatalysts
  • Polymer-protected Nano sized catalysts
  • Implementation of a solid-state polymerization
  • Catalyzed polymers applications on energy storage
  • Catalysis by polymer-metal complexes
  • Catalysis by linear polymers in solutions

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Advanced Polymer catalyst and energy application. Conference Speakers

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