Nano polymers and modern Biomaterials

Nano Polymer composites expressed of a polymer or copolymer these are having a Nano particles dispersed in into polymer matrix Nanotechnology. It has to make an important addition to the formulation of adhesives, sealants, coatings, and encapsulation of compounds. The applications of Nano polymers are extremely broad these polymer based nanotechnologies are fast emerging into industries Nano polymers have different structures, shapes and functional forms recently prepared several techniques. Bio materials are non-viable materials that can be implemented to replace the missing tissue any material of natural or synthetic origin that comes in contact with biological fluids, and intended for use in diagnostic, therapeutic. Some of the examples of modern bio materials are metals, composites and ceramics. Steel, glass, aluminium,  natural stone, wood used in modern architecture.


  • Drug delivery devices
  • Dental implements
  • Bone replacements

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